Monday, September 16, 2013

Shadow loves when the UPS man brings new fabric!

Every afternoon, our shop doggy, Shadow, waits patiently for our UPS driver, Dave, to arrive.  I have to assume it is because he knows that Dave usually delivers boxes filled with beautiful fabric and fun patterns, and he just can't wait to see what is inside! It might also have something to do with the dog biscuits that Dave keeps in his pocket!!  Either way, we had to capture the cute moment as Shadow greeted Dave today! His tail sure gets wagging when that brown truck rolls in!  (our tails get wagging too-even if for an entirely different reason!)

So what did Dave deliver today? Two boxes full of notions and patterns as well as some new fabric!!  Here are a couple highlights...

We can't wait to see what Dave brings tomorrow!

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  1. This is my favorite shop for quilting! The girls there are the best.